ADULT./ THE DIRTBOMBS: Split/Split/Split 7”: 7”

Jan 31, 2008

Ah, the cover split 7”. Two bands joining forces to take on one song from each other’s catalogues. This is the sort of release that record junkies dream about while digging through dusty crates, knowing full well that the first time the gem is spotted might be the last. Limited to 3000 copies, Split/Split/Split 7” brings together Detroit-based groups Adult. and The Dirtbombs to carry on in this punk tradition. Not merely a split between the two bands, this record also serves as a split between Adult.’s Ersatz Audio and The Dirtbombs Cass Records, as well as a split between two photographers. (Nicola Kuperus of Adult. snapped The Dirtbombs while Dirtbomb Patrick Pantano photographed Adult.) For this release, The Dirtbombs chose to cover “Lost Love,” which Adult. released back in 1999. With two drummers and two bassists, The Dirtbombs turn this into rhythmic flurry so raw that it sounds as if it were recorded live in concert. If this is a good indication of The Dirtbomb’s live set, then the band’s next tour is not to be missed. Meanwhile, Adult. takes on The Dirtbombs “Pray for Pills.” As with the last full length, Anxiety Always, Adult. seems to have pushed the rock element in front of the band’s dance element. In this instance, the result is a short, heavy track filled with anguished screams and panicked electronics guaranteed to instill only the best kind of madness in the listener.

 –liz (Ersatz/ Cass)

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