ADRENALIN O.D.: The Wacky Hi-Jinks of…: 2 x CD

Sep 04, 2008

Breakneck speed: check. Jabbing guitar: check. Rough but catchy singing: check. Lyrics about dead-end jobs, hating Trans Ams, smashing things in suburbia: check. ‘80s style hardcore literally from the ‘80s: checkity check. I remember hearing A.O.D. and liking them alongside D.R.I., early Bad Religion, and Government Issue, but not listening to them as much for some reason. Maybe they weren’t doing anything different, but they do it good. This double CD for their twenty-fifth anniversary holds up: mad teenager lyrics and plenty of cool hooks. They are being sold as “wacky” and goofsters, I suppose for their fuck your parents lyrics, dicking around live, and the Brady Bunch cover, but this is solid stuff. Disc two is the best part, containing their full Let’s Barbeque EP, comp tracks, and a live WFMU show in 1982. Suburbia has not gotten any better. Maybe another generation can be saved by hardcore.

 –mike (Chunksaah,