ADOLESCENTS, THE: Live at the House of Blues: DVD & CD

Jan 28, 2009

I saw this at the record store and almost bought it. I had seen the band last year and this year and the shows were absolutely incredible. The songs are twenty-plus years old and they stand the test of time. I never tire of hearing them. The Adolescents were one of the first punk bands I got into and saw live. My expectation level for this DVD with accompanying CD was not too high, but I would buy it for sheer sentimental value. My expectations were surpassed. Taped using seven cameras and having all original members, minus one, Casey Royer, the sound and footage is amazing. On drums is Derek O’Brien, who many of you might recognize from Social Distortion. This is definitely addition by subtraction. His drumming is more precise and he brings up the tempo of the songs compared to Casey playing recently. Songs performed are from the infamous and classic blue LP, Welcome to Reality 7”, Brats in Battalions LP and new songs from their upcoming LP. For many of you who didn’t get to see the original line-up within the last year, you will miss out. Casey has pulled out again to focus on D.I. and Rikk Agnew just plain fell out. Replacing Rikk in the current incarnation is another Social Distortion alumni, Johnny Two Bags. I have seen this line-up and it’s every bit as good or better. If you watch closely on the video, Rikk no longer plays many of the solos he used to play. His brother Frank has basically taken on all the lead guitarist duties. Great band and great release. I watched this more than a few times and that says a lot. It just makes me want to go out and see them again.

 –don (Kung Fu)