Adolescents, The: live at the Galaxy 11/23/01 By Kristen K

Jan 09, 2002

If you weren't at The Galaxy to witness the triumphant return of the Adolescents original line-up, you missed the best show of the year on either side of the LA/OC divide. Their hair may be longer, their bellies bigger, but on the 20th anniversary of the blue album Steve, Tony, Casey, Rikk and Frank ripped it up just like the old days. From the opening notes of "Kids from the Black Hole" the orchestra was a frenetic, seething mass of punk rockers both young and old. With close to 1,000 people in attendance, it was like the glory days of OC punk all over again. From every part of the pit you could hear the lyrics being shouted. They also played songs from the Welcome to Reality and Brats in Battallions EPs. Conspicuous by its absence was the song "I Hate Children," which they don't play anymore now that some of the guys have children of their own. (Rikk's daughter, Polli, sat onstage and even strummed the guitar.) The only downer of the evening was The Galaxy's always over-overzealous security staff. When they removed one kid from the stage by the mohawk Tony stopped the show (in the middle of "Amoeba" no less) and told the goon to take it easy. But the amateur OC polizei provided some entertainment, too. When a punk rock chick decided to throw down on a rockabilly girl across the aisle from me, a mountain of a security guy put her in a headlock. When the chick's dude decided to intervene, he got the same treatment. It's pretty embarrassing when one guy can handle both you and your chick at the same time! Got there too late to see Channel 3 but I saw them a few months back and the "kids" from Cerritos haven't lost a step