ADOLESCENTS: La Vendetta… É Un Piatto Che Va Servito Freddo: LP

Hafta admit it’s been a good spell since I last heard something new from the Adolescents (my fault, not theirs), so this is a welcome catch-up visit. As can be expected, Tony’s got some things on his mind—pigs running amok, the threat nuclear energy poses to the planet, the peaks and valleys of relationships, and the sorry state of society in the twenty-first century, for starters—and he does so with his usual élan as Steve and the boys lay down the solid sonic terra from which he promulgates. The tunes may occasionally have a bit more “rock” swagger to ‘em, but the wicked hooks, dual-octave guitar noodling, multi-part harmonies and overall feel of the proceedings are unquestionably Adolescents. Seeing as this release marks both the band’s thirty-fifth anniversary and its first new full-length on Frontier since their rightfully revered debut “blue” album, it’s especially sweet that this is as good as it is—a worthy addition to an already stellar, influential career from a band that remembers that punks should be undaunted by careerism to tackle heady, potentially controversial topics, especially in this era when taking a stand on damned near anything can be twisted into controversy, and back it all up with the kind of tunesmithing that’ll burrow into the noggin for decades. A tip of the worn beret is most definitely in order here. 

 –jimmy (Frontier)