ADJUDGEMENT: Human Fallout: CD

Sep 19, 2007

Sometimes I enjoy reading the press sheets that come with CDs. In the worlds these sheets create, each band is on the cutting edge of true awesomeness and humankind’s last hope for a good listen. The one included with this is no different. In it, one sees the words “genius,” “unique,” “superbly rocking,” “masterpiece of hardcore,” and “incredible” tossed around like mad. Sure, the band in question sounds no different than any other modern “hardcore” (metal) band that thinks down-tuned guitars and thrashy beats equals power—although to their credit they do attempt to address socially relevant issues, however poorly. Sticking to their native German to get their point across would’ve no doubt done wonders, but still, it’s nice to have the sheet. That way I can escape the mediocrity coming from my speakers by pretending it’s talking about another band, one that really is unique, incredible, and superbly rocking. Sure would’ve much rather have heard that band than this one.

 –jimmy (Engineer)