ADICTS, THE: Rise and Shine: CD

Aug 07, 2006

This release from the Adicts has some musical gems as well as some songs that are not as precious. The song "Woke up This Morning" is a muffled mess with a garage rock sound and distorted vocals that simply is not pleasing to the ear. However, the next track, "Black Sheep," is a quintessential Adicts song that is fast paced with catchy riffs and lyrics that are easy to sing along to and jump around to like an idiot. The Adicts have been around for over twenty years and on this album they have a song called "We Looked Back," which expresses their appreciation to their fans as they reflect on the time gone by since they have been a band. The song has a Bob Dylan feel with the vocals sung in a strange talking voice. It is not their best song but the message of gratitude is still there. The best song on the album is "Cuppa Tea Song," in which the Englanders express their desire for home and a cup of tea while in America. The song is very simple but it is simply perfect. "Concert Adicto" is also a fabulous song, which is an instrumental piano mix that includes snippets of their songs being played beautifully on the piano in between classical piano measures. Overall, the album is a pleasant addition for fans of the Adicts, but if you are unfamiliar with their music, a different album such as Songs of Praise or Smart Alex would be a wiser choice.

 –jenny (SOS)