ADEM: Apocalypsongs: CD

Adem plays singer-songwriter stuff accompanied only by a guitar. As a writer myself, lyric-driven songs are my favorite kind of music, but I just didn’t connect with his songwriting or delivery. Though it didn’t click with me, I can respect it for what it is. That’s not my complaint. It’s the packaging I have a problem with. It just comes off as overwhelming and pretentious. It’s two CDs long, and part two (the second CD) is titled: “Infinite to Extinct” and is a five-part, five-track suite. As soon as you know that all you’re getting is a dude singing over his guitar, you realize what a self-indulgent plod you’re getting into. This guy’s really not bad, but a little restraint goes a long way.

 –Craven (Intense Human Victories, [email protected])