Jun 23, 2009

I picked this 7” up because the name ADD(insert lightening bolt)C cracked me up. A couple of spins showed me that these guys are more than just a silly name. Giant Bags of Weed play catchy songs that would fall into the pits of pop punk if it wasn’t so sloppy and dirty. As it stands, their lack of polish save them. All four songs are upbeat and a little angry and a lot of fun to listen to. God, I love a crappy four-track recording. ADD-C come through with a lot of trash and fuzz, too, but they’re less poppy. It’s pretty heartfelt punk rock, not unlike The Thumbs (and, if you know what a fan of The Thumbs I am, you know what a big compliment this is). I was expecting something silly and half-ass, and this record actually impressed the shit out of me.

 –sean (Half-Day)

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