ADAMS AND EVES: Dear Professor: LP

Jul 29, 2011

Adams and Eves is a family affair that plays lush, exquisitely arranged indie folk/indie pop. The band is made up of frequent Red Pony Clock collaborator Adam Powell—who writes, sings, and adds melodica and saw to the mix—as well as his wife Chelsea who plays bass, and his sister Laura who plays accordion. Adam and Chelsea are joined by another couple in the band; husband David Lee on drums and banjo and wife Megan Lee on vibraphone and glockenspiel, the two of them showcasing a fantastic interplay of the banjo and vibraphone, extracting great emotional depth from their instruments rather than being employed for novelty. Adam’s voice brings to mind that of John K. Samson’s in the Weakerthans and the songs here, generally speaking, share the Weakerthans qualify of being folk music that is earnest without being pretentious and without subscribing to genre limitations. The songs accomplish the feat of being immediately accessible, due to the great song writing and production, and then challenging as well, to both the folk and pop worlds. It’s a lovely record and worth seeking out.

 –Jeff Proctor (

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