Wow, a one-sided three-way split of powerviolence on a 10”. Interesting. First up is ACxDC who picked just about the most terrible name and I’ll tell you why: a few years ago I was at Headline records here in L.A. flipping through the record racks when I overheard Jean-Luc talking to a kid about punk music. The girl told him she was into “AC/DC,” much to Jean’s surprise. He excitedly explained to her how AC/DC essentially aped Rose Tattoo, a band she had clearly not heard of prior. You can imagine the face she made when Jean played a Rose Tattoo CD for her as well as his subsequent head scratching: I’m all for silly and or clever band names but not when they confuse the shit out of people like this. Musically, however, they ain’t too bad if you like pterodactyl screams and endless blast beats. Kids here locally seem to go apeshit for them but they’ve yet to convince me to buy any of their records or ball point pens. Magnum Force come through with more of a death/grindcore approach much like Insect Warfare and Hatred Surge; works for me. Sex Prisoner appropriately close out this split upping the ante on just exactly why the words “power” and “violence” should be reserved only for a band of this caliber. They just completely fucking destroy! Crossed Out smoking sherm with Mellow Harsher in a Tucson alleyway. Check out the cool etching on the flip side as you’re getting your ass handed to you.

 –Juan Espinosa (To Live A Lie)