ACTS OF SEDITION: Self-titled: 7”EP

Sep 05, 2006

Honestly, this is pretty much a wet dream in a plastic sleeve. I first saw Acts of Sedition in a basement in Milwaukee (which was strange as both the band and I are from California). They played with Period 3, Typhoid Mary, Get Rad, and Chinese Telephones. Three bands of hardcore/trash followed by two pop punk. Such a strange mixture, and it was one of the most amazing shows I’ve been to. Acts of Sedition blew me away, and almost (literally) knocked me over (Al Blotto focuses and just starts swinging his bass as he plays, low and FAST). As for this record, this is a perfect encapsulation of that show. Fast, furious, brutal. It sounds like they’re in control of a madness raging around them, created by them, encouraged by them, but still separated from them. Lyrically, spot-fucking-on. And, just to win me over a little more, they follow each song with a brief, pertinent quote (which to me says volumes more than other bands who write introductory paragraphs to each song). Oh, but I’m not done gushing yet. The vinyl is half translucent green and opaque yellow. Seriously, I’m stunned. Limited to 500.

 –megan (Spacement)