ACTIVE INGREDIANTS: Hymns of Holly Hardcore: CD

Jul 01, 2003

This is not the Active Ingredients from back in the day. However this "Active Ingrediants" has been around for a very long time. This is their third CD. These guys play some fast southern California hardcore that is done well. They have lots of melody and balls. Think of early NOFX mixed with Agnostic Front. This is a very worthy release. These guys skateboard and it's obvious in their music. In fact, one song on here entitled "The Gates of Hell" is a killer instrumental that would fit in perfectly on one of the early Skate Rock comps that Thrasher put out back in the day. Now, it should be noted Active Ingrediants are now a Christian hardcore band, meaning they are singing about God and religion. Keep in mind it that doesn't affect the balls-out attitude of the music. Nor does it make them a Pat Robertson evangelist type. In fact, these guys are all about God, but very against organized religion and the government in general. Some songs, such as "America," don't even address God, but are completely about the corrupt government that we have here in the USA. Then there is a song called "The Ministry," which deals with people making money off God and being into God for reasons of profit, and not for the word of God. "We are not down with imperialistic government propaganda or the judgmental attitudes or organized religion." This is a direct quote from their CD. So you know they are not the pushy, right wing religious types. If you like hardcore and don't mind lyrics about the Lord, definitely get this CD and check out this band if they come to your town. -Mike Beer

 –guest (HHC)

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