ACIDEZ: Don’t Ask for Permission: LP

Killer UK82 style punk from Mexico that is a heavy take on classic Partisans or GBH. A good point of reference would be A Global Threat’s first LP or On the Front Line by the Casualties, but even more full-on and in your face. They can actually play their instruments and the recording on this slab of wax is huge. The packaging is a little weird and there is the totally obligatory band shot on the back where the members are literally wearing their influences on their sleeves, but after flipping this thing over to the second side and realizing this record was going to shred the whole way through, the hardcore snob in me melted away and I remembered days of my youth sitting around listening to Killer Blanks and trying to piss off my parents for no good reason. If there’s still a market for that stuff, these guys should be at the top of the pile. Why aren’t they on tour with the Casualties and Anti-Flag making… thousands?

 –Ian Wise (Voltage, [email protected])