Feb 21, 2008

Usually, my first instinct when I see a record that clocks in at forty-five minutes with only two songs is to run for the hills, but for some reason, I decided to take a chance on this ‘un, and I’m glad I did. Sure, there’s a heavy “hippie” vibe oozing offa this, but hell, I’m open to most anything. The first track, the longer of the two, is essentially a thirty-five-minute jam based on a chant that manages to invoke in sound both Dead Can Dance and SavageRepublic, which is always a plus. I was doing something around the house when I initially put this disc on and soon found myself sitting in front of the stereo in rapt attention to what was coming out of the speakers, which should say volumes about the music’s trance-inducing qualities. The second song wasn’t all that bad, either, but, boy, that first one was a bit mind-blowing.

 –jimmy (

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