ACID BABY JESUS: Selected Recordings: CD

Acid Baby Jesus sound exactly like you’d expect based on their moniker. Yet, this Greek psychedelic ensemble eschews the common “throwback band” pitfalls of nostalgia and mimicry. Their utilization of eclectic instruments and minimal lyrics packed with mythical and literary allusion create an atmospheric sound that is interesting and authentic. It threatens to fall apart for me around “Who’s First”—the lyrics for which were “found and collaged” whatever that means; art, man—and again on “I’m Becoming a Man,” which boast prima facie effemimanic messages. Not sure whether these sentiments comment on Athens’ human rights issues or spawn from them—though the track “Night of Pan” invokes infamous half ‘mo Aleister Crowley—but I like the music enough to pretend Acid Baby Jesus get to use the word “faggot” because they themselves are mad gay. 

 –Kelley O’Death (Slovenly)