ACHTUNGS, THE: Full of Hate: LP

Lo-fi garage punk rock from this trio of trouble. Guitar distortion hangs over the songs like a dense, buzzing fog, with the belligerent vocals buried in there—though you can hear them—just not exactly clearly. There’s some attitude that huffs and puffs amongst the driving tempos, urgent beats, and dirty guitar growling. Just about every song on here is a keeper, but really, the ultimate standout of this record is the slow, late night burner “Feeling inside of Me.” Which alone is reason to snap this up. It comes on unexpectedly after a string of mid to moderately fast rockers. The bass gives this a morose feel, backed up by vocals that give the listener an idea of reflection and pangs of regret. Then the guitars have a psychedelic edge that really helps work this one into your brain. One of those songs you get up and put back on a couple more times before letting the rest of the record play through. Then again, once “I Don’t Want You” closes the record, the first thought, and rational response, is to flip this record over and listen to it again.

 –M.Avrg (Going Underground,