Sep 05, 2012

The first song on this album is nearly five minutes long. It dangerously toes that thin line between “hard rock” and punk. Thankfully, things pick up a little after that—there’s still some pretty overwhelming Heartbreakers/glam elements going on, but at the very least the songs start landing in the two to three minute mark. It’s still kind of, you know, self-aggrandizing and excessive and maybe a little wanky, but shit, this type of music is built on excess and wankery. They actually remind me quite a bit of Kansas City’s Architects, who did a great album called Vice a few years back. That one’s just such a gleefully unabashed stomping, swaggering rock record—and I feel like Ace High Cutthroats are edging into that same area, but their chops just aren’t quite up to snuff yet. But a promising debut for sure.

 –keith (Ace High Cutthroats)

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