Oct 09, 2006

A husband and wife adopt a little boy who believes his dead mother has been reincarnated as a tree in the backyard. His obsession, of course, causes tension within the family, tension which quickly reaches boiling point when the boy mysteriously disappears and the tree begins exacting revenge. On the whole, the director is able to squeeze out enough creepiness to make watching this mildly diverting, but the married couple’s sudden hatred of each other is confusing until the very end, and the suspension of disbelief necessary to get the viewer to buy into what he’s watching just isn’t there. I mean, duuuude, we’re talking about a pissed off TREE here, and even the little potential to be found in a story of a vengeful, homicidal plant with the power to control ants is squandered in lieu of a tale of what complete assholes some parents can be. Saturday Night Live’s “Attack of the Killer Christmas Trees” was more unnerving that what goes down here. –Jimmy Alvarado (