AC4: Burn the World: LP

In a world where too many bands try to out avant-garde one another, or mix and match genres in a vain attempt to be new or groundbreaking, AC4 proudly wave their middle fingers at all of that. The Swedish hardcore punk heroes return with their second full-length record, sixteen tracks of the furious, straightforward hardcore punk attack they’ve been known for since their inception. Founding members Dennis Lyxzén, Karl Backman, and Jens Nordén, all return on this recording, with Christoffer Röstlund Jonsson of DS-13 replacing David Sandström, and bringing a stronger presence to the band’s bass duties. There’s enough blazing riffs on this album to keep you circle pitting for days, provided you take breaks for record flipping. Lyxzén’s lyrics tackle typical punk themes, but his distinct vocals and the ferocity of his delivery can make even the most mundane of topics exciting. Hipsters can cry all they want about this band being formulaic, but if E=MC², then AC4=Awesome!

 –Paul J. Comeau (Deathwish/ Ny Vag)