ABSUM: To Whom It May Consume: 7” EP

Jan 19, 2012

Everything I said about this band when I reviewed their demo still applies. Absum play hardcore with blazing fast riffs, brief spots of guitar wankery, and epic amounts of crew vocals. The three songs from the demo appear here, plus two more, “No Escape,” and “Buried Alive.” Of the two new songs, “No Escape,” is my favorite. The driving guitars and crash accents get you pumped before the vocals even come in, and when they do, you have no choice but to sing along. The guitar wankery here is great, rivaling the title track “To Whom It May Consume,” which was my favorite track from the demo. If there’s one complaint to make about this 7”, it’s that it’s over too quickly. LP soon please?

 –Paul J. Comeau (Absum, [email protected])

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