ABSOLUT / PARANOID: Jawbreaking Mangel Devestation: Split: 12” EP

Jan 19, 2016

Absolut from Toronto take no prisoners with a four-song d-beat assault. The Far East is most noticeably the source of their inspiration, as I’m detecting hints of Burning Spirit hardcore and G.I.S.M.-esque metal influence and guitar leads—fierce-as-fuck, as you may have guessed. Paranoid from Sweden’s delivery is slightly rawer than Absolut’s but just as pulverizing, if not more. Buzzing guitars, apocalyptic drum bashing, and manic vocal howling will surely rip posers to shreds. Highly recommended for fans of Aghast, Impalers, Desperat, See You In Hell, and everything in between. 

 –Juan Espinosa (Beach Impediment / Brain Solvent Propaganda)