ABSENTEES, THE: Illegal Listening Device: 1979-2000: CD

Jul 17, 2009

These guys were originally known as The Absentee Concept back in their official 1978 beginnings, and soon after changed to The Absentees quickly after a line-up change. What Artifix Records has done here with this disc is gather up every imaginable recording (and then some) from these Long Beach, Californians and chronologically slap ‘em onto one convenient CD. Most of you southlanders probably remember their first single, “Tryin’ to Mess With Me,” on that limited edition of the Killed By Death full-length back from 1993, I believe. A very well put together comp of one of the more obscure So. Cal bands, featuring cuts from the early ‘80s on, as well as a live version of The Stooges “Cock in My Pocket” from 1979. Fans of early Damned, old L.A. punk rock and the like will find a spot for this in their CD collection. Here’s to tracking down more bands who seemingly slipped through the cracks and are now getting their music to the masses. Good job, here, Greg. Keep ‘em coming.

 –dale (Artfix)