ABORTTI 13: Viimeinen Veriloyly: EP

Dec 22, 2009

This record is unbelievably great! Abortti 13 has done something far too many old bands can not pull off to save their lives. These songs were written back in 1983 and recorded in 2009, and sound like they were recorded in 1983. Huh?! How did they do it? And they did it in one take. This is pure Scandinavian hardcore punk rock! Which translates to, “This is a record you must get!” Raw, speedy, catchy, and they have soul. The sort of record you hear and it makes you feel alive. Not one bad song in the fourteen on here. If you like bands like Riistetyt, Terveet Kadet, and Kaaos, then you need to get this, and also seek out their split EP with Pyhakoulu.

 –M.Avrg (Killer, [email protected])