ABORTTI 13: Ulos!!: LP

Abortti 13 is one of my favorite bands these days; the kind where when I see their records I start to get all sweaty and anxious; feeling like everything needs to come to a halt that very moment so we can put their latest record on and give a few spins. When I saw this LP, the room started to spin. All rational thinking went straight out the window. I get home and put it on. So far so good. On par with their other releases (splits with Sekaanus, and Pyhäkoulu, and their Viimeinen Verilöyly EP. The rap bit at the end of “Vapaus” doesn’t work, but maybe that’s a matter of opinion. It just sounds out of place. Other than that, this is a pretty consistent ripper. My favorite song on here is “Psykopaatti” which has a death rock vibe at the beginning with the organ and somewhat creepy guitar intro. Then it cruises into a catchy mid-tempo song that’s a nice change of pace among all the slightly speedier, straight-ahead numbers. Abortti 13 is a hardcore punk band from Finland who started in the early 1980s and still manages to have the sound and energy of that time thirty years later. No easy task! Skip the latest hype band from whatever hyped scene. Get this instead.

 –M.Avrg (Killer, killerrecordsfinland.com)