Dec 28, 2010

Is there a hardcore punk cabal in Finland that has Abortti 13 and Sekaannus in suspended animation, and every so often they bring them out to record some music, then put ‘em back in the fridge until it’s time to unleash some more awesome music on the world? The Abortti 13 songs are new songs they wrote and recorded a bit after they put out their Viimeinen Veriloyly EP, which was songs written in 1983 and recorded in 2009. This stuff is along the same lines. How do these guys do it? Sounds like classic Scandinavian hardcore from the ‘80s, even though it’s 2010. Unbelievable!! Four rippers that pack a powerful wallop. I especially like the chaotic nature of “Ei Selityksia” with stop-go breaks and a tempo that sounds like it’s about to spin out of control. Then, there’s the excellent “Laumasielujen Valtakunta,” that’s mid tempo and has a really good, classic punk guitar break. Sekaannus are from the same area and time period as Aborttti 13, and share some similarities with Abortti 13, but Sekaannus are slightly more catchy, a little more tuneful, and just a touch more polished. However, they’re just as blazing as the former. “Kuvat” worked its way into my mind and had me singing “Huvia huvia, kuvia kuvia!” (which translates roughly to something like “Pleasure! pleasure! image! image!”, hmmmm....). “Saatan Lampaat” end their three song set with its fast-paced tempo that blazes through with abandon without ever tilting into thrash territory. Well crafted music that hits where it counts. I truly love this stuff.

 –M.Avrg (Killer)