ABORTTI 13: Punkit Ei Kuole: CS

Jan 19, 2016

I’m not really sure about the chronology of Abortti 13. Their first documentation is their classic 1984 split with Pyhäkoulu (which seems to be climbing in price as the current wave of KBD hoarders learn of its existence after running through the other classic Finnish releases by Terveet Kadet and Lama), but then there were no records until 2009—though I managed to find a reference to a bootleg tape that collects those “lost years.” This tape is a retrospective of some songs I know (all their tracks from that split are on here) and a lot I don’t know, so maybe they’re intending to close the gap with this release. The songs were re-recorded this year, which bummed me out at first. I was found to be mistaken though, as these songs sound great. I’m not quite sure how they managed to make this sound so fresh and new after all these years, but I honestly think this is some of the best material this band has churned out. The production is heavy and has more bite to it than their last LP, but is just as urgent and retains a classic Finnish punk sound. Sadly, this was limited to one hundred copies and looks as if it was only released in Finland, but maybe there will be a vinyl pressing in the future. 

 –Ian Wise (Self-released, abortti13.bandcamp.com)

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