ABORT! #23: $?, 5 ½” x 8 ½”, copied, color cover, 56 pgs.

Apr 08, 2011

A science fiction edition of Jonathan Spies’ short story anthology zine. He’s got a preoccupation with bones, and that’s pretty cool. Best line is probably, “The silence had taken him by surprise, lurching into his life like a hundred-story robot.” I’m a big fan of science fiction and old science fiction magazines, so in my head I’m thinking, “Galaxy Magazine, fuck yeah!” The first story, “The Porch,” by Keith Rosson is my favorite. The language is sparse, specific, and minute. There’s an ambiguity there, but not vagueness. It keeps the reader wondering. –Katie Dunne (Jonathan Spies, 45 E 7th St. #106, NY, NY10003)

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