ABOLITIONIST: The Growing Disconnect: LP

Nov 13, 2013

Dark, political punk from Oregon that recalls elements of early Anti-Flag, early Good Riddance, Avail, and Model American (remember them?), with a stylistic mix of ‘90s California and ‘80s Midwest punk. While the song structures and chord progressions are a little predictable at times, the music is a solid and effective backdrop for the lyrical narratives that the nine songs contain. Neither preachy nor simplistic, the songs are personal accounts of struggles, both internal and external, with the current state of national and international affairs. In other words, you can tell that they mean it. A solid record and a band that I’d like to see take that next step up.

 –Chad Williams (1859, 1859records.bandcamp.com / Tour Van, tourvanrecords.bandcamp.com / Different Kitchen, differentkitchenrecords.bandcamp.com / Lost Cat, lostcatrecords.org / Sex Sheet, sexsheetrecords.com / Hahaha Cool, hahahacool.com)