Nov 13, 2013

French melodic punk. It’s artful, clean, highly constructed, tuneful, and intentionally pushing the listener to meet them half way. (The lyrics are printed on the inside of the record pocket, but they’re near the open edge, so it’s possible to read them. It’s not just horribly convenient. I appreciate and support such practices. Convenience is an addiction.) Romance engenders an intricate, precise geometric flatness and, for Abject Object, it’s a definite positive and makes me think of the sonic space between Bitpart and Xaxaxa. The hooks come out after multiple listens and when they do, the record locks solidly into place and makes sense as a pattern, as distinct song pieces, and as a cohesive whole. Enjoyable.

 –todd ([email protected], abjectobject.bandcamp.com / Echo Canyon / Protagonist / Corn Dog / Flower Of Carnage)