Sep 05, 2006

Abi Yoyos sound like the Fleshies mixed with This Bike Is A Pipebomb if TBIAP was from the East Bay: dirty, often weird in the right places, DIY punk. They’re still oscillating between focus and forgetting there may be an audience bigger than them as a band. It’s one thing to describe the process of knitting a sweater—“Oh, my that’s quite tedious, my friend”—quite another to hand a just-knit sweater to a friend: “Wow, you put all that hard work in for me when I was away? How nice.” So, for over half of the record: brilliant. The other less-than-half: chain-yanking. Here’s what came to mind while listening to Mill Valley: who here bets that Miles Davis could really control his farts and play a solo? My hand’s up.

 –todd (Big Raccoon)