ABE FROMAN: Baltimore Is Scum: 7” EP

Jul 03, 2009

Abe Froman is the sausage king from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Abe Froman is also a band from East Lansing. I’m a Michigan native and good music from the mitten state gets me pumped! Right from the first song, “Russian 101,” the band’s sound is very similar to a female-fronted Pinhead Gunpowder. With lyrics like “I write you all the time, even though I’m not gonna send them,” it’s hard not to see the comparison to anything Aaron Cometbus related. Just the artwork alone reminded me of something Aaron would have done. The sound is pretty consistent throughout the entire EP. There’s even a reference to Cleveland Bound Death Sentence in the song “Rex.” Highly recommended if you’re into Midwest punk rock. Too bad they broke up! –Ronnie Riggar

 –guest (Self-released, www.msu.edu/~tobeyeri/abefroman.html)