May 21, 2014

Well, I hesitated when I got this in my pile. Cover art smells indie so I didn’t bite at first. Organic, contained, sunny wash with a hollowed facade of a building and electric organ—just bones, some broken. The music is so much stranger, deeper than the cover could ever allude to. I’m constantly learning this lesson. Aaron Poehler has such a deeply disturbing and stirring voice. The kind that enters your ears and finds its way deep into your gut. Analogies like early Bowie, David Byrne, and Ian Curtis come to mind. And really, musically, it’s a mix of ‘70s Bowie to ‘80s Dead Kennedys, to new wave Talking Heads—at times early ‘90s pop punk—to electronic and ambient post-punk. All over the fucking place. This whole album was a journey, one that I wasn’t expecting to take. It’s weird, in the most sincere way. 

 –Camylle Reynolds (Self-released, [email protected])