AARDVARK, THE #2: $1.00 (but add postage), 5 ½” x 8 ½”, copied, 17 pages

Apr 08, 2011

A well-written zine, The Aardvark is, to use their subtitle, “Celebrating words on paper.” The first essay is a reflection of Joseph Campbell juxtaposed with the author’s dissatisfaction of his employment at a bookstore. The Aardvark is an attempt by the author to “follow his bliss,” or to explore his relationship with books. The essays within certainly reflect this goal with one noteworthy and well researched endeavor about libraries and the change from being book-oriented to being a computer-oriented place. I read many of the articles that he cited in the article and came to a similar conclusion. The Aardvark packs five articles into its seventeen pages and mixes in a few pages of zine reviews. It’s a thought-provoking zine with a clean lay out and worth your time. (Red Roach Press, PO Box 771, College Park, MD 20740).