A STUDY IN HER: Another Year in Philadelphia: CD

Dec 06, 2007

This band is mainly just one guy doing electro-pop who works with a revolving cast in the studio and on stage. I really thought I’d hate this and, yeah, some of it is kind of dumb (“The Same Ailment,” “Favorite Actor”) and frankly, seventeen songs is too long. You’re not Anal Cunt or Pig Destroyer, so let it go. No one wants to hear you do your thing for over an hour. However, some of these songs are pretty fun and interesting. There’s a mix between songs that are really heavily pop and others that rely a lot on the electronics. On some songs I could hear The Faint and other songs it was like listening to an electrified Ben Folds. Thankfully, my palate is somewhat diversified so I found some good gems on this album, but there’s a lot of mediocre swamp to wade through.

 –kurt (Sex Cells/Electronic Eel)