A FRAMES, THE: Black Forest: CD

Jun 14, 2006

Think of the Fall as a coin. If a band like the Country Teasers represents the funny, ironic side of the Fall, then the A Frames would be the dark, edgy, sardonic side. For a three-piece, the A Frames are amazingly tight; there’s a constant push-and-pull going on, with none of the instruments really taking center stage. I don’t really pay attention to trends in music, but it seems like bands that draw from late ‘70s British post-punk are getting a lot of hype these days, and I’d just like to say that the A Frames are too confrontational and noncommercial to be lumped in with all that shit. As an album, it’s a bit spotty but there’s some really great stuff on here and it’s worth picking up.

 –josh (Sub Pop)