Yeah, yeah, they’re German, but they remind me quite a bit of Portland’s own They Found My Naked Corpse Face Down In The Snow: it’s some brutal, manic, screamy shit that pretty much ditches any sort of Blood Brother-esque hair-waving sassiness and goes right for the jugular. Stuff like this has never translated that well to record for me, but I feel pretty comfortable in assuming these guys would weaken the foundation of any basement they happen to be playing in. Four songs seems a bit thin, but at least they’re keeping it in the red the whole time without running the risk of getting repetitive. The lyrics are in German but they’ve got some liner notes for each song in English—they come off as pretty precious at times (“Most brightly of all burned the hair of my evening loved one: to her I send the coffin of lightest wood.”) but maybe some of that’s due to the rough translations. Overall, a nice attack.

 –keith (Tor Johnson)