A DECADE BEHIND: Self-titled: CD

I was going to say something about That Dog and how they’d go “la-la-la” and then “Rarrrrr-rarrrrr-rarrrr?” I was going to say that this is somewhere in the middle where it stays static and oh-so-boring. Oh, and there’s a eight plus minute “song” of a radio report with music and fuzz. I was going to say that this was boring, but inoffensive. I was going to say this until I got to their cover of “House of the Rising Sun” (which you shouldn’t cover unless your name is Eric Burdon). If you’re going to yell cookie monster meets death metal through the whole thing, please don’t make anyone have to suffer through that. Do it for fun once in your garage, maybe record it for kicks, but for everyone’s sake, keep that shit in you bedroom where you can hide your shame. Blech.

 –megan ([email protected])