999: Concrete: CD

Mar 06, 2008

Lemme start off with a big caveat: I have never liked this album. I bought a copy for fifty cents back when it first came out and felt I was ripped off. Why, you ask? Can’t really come up with one outside of personal taste. Granted, they do a serviceable version of “Little Red Riding Hood,” but the ‘80s pop feel prevalent on the disc just never blew up my skirt in the right ways. Being the open-minded fellow I am, I decided to give it another go. The verdict: still don’t like it, although not as venomously as before. The pop vibe still leaves me with an icky feeling, but I can better hear the sound that 999 had mined to better effect on previous efforts than I could two decades ago, which raises its level up to tolerable for these ears. The B-sides added to this reissue, namely “Scandal in the City” and the two live tracks, make it that much more listenable. 

 –jimmy (Captain Oi)