97-SHIKI: Self-titled: 7” EP

Jul 02, 2009

Five songs of frantic, choppy art punk from Chicago. The spazzing is held together by an almost funky bass, and right when things feel like they’re about to fly off the handle, they throw in a shout-along or a clutch guitar part to ground you again. Considering that this band proves over and over how they can stop on a dime, the resulting songs are catchier than they have any right to be. I’ve seen this band live a couple of times, and they are even tighter and more powerful in person. If you’re into any of the following bands, there’s something on this little puddle of plastic that you will enjoy: The Ex, The Minutemen, Fugazi, Ornette Coleman, Gang Of Four.

 –CT Terry (hewhocorruptsinc.com, staticstation.com)

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