9 SHOCKS TERROR: Zen and the Art of Beating Your Ass: CD

May 21, 2003

This is the long out-of-print reissue of their first LP that was originally released by Devour out of Japan. Having taken their name from a Lip Cream LP, these maniacs take the principals of Japanese punk and call it their own. Controlled chaos is their cup of tea and they belt out song after song of sheer energy. If you enjoy the fast fury and angry noise of a DS-13 or old school Negative Approach or the above mentioned Lip Cream, you should love this. I have seen this band live when they came through LA and was floored by the sheer power of their music. Also included as a special bonus for your hard-earned dollar are songs off of a couple of EPs, splits, comp tracks and a live recording, which is noted that the band hates. That makes for a total of thirty-four friggin’ tracks! They’re one of today’s important punk bands that should not be ignored.

 –don (Havoc)

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