86 MENTALITY: Goin’ Nowhere Fast: CD

Jul 25, 2006

This is a collection of their two 7” releases, a couple of unreleased tracks, and some live cuts. The music is yer basic template hardcore-meets-oi stuff, with no metal inflections to be found, which is a blessing, but the singer’s voice—from the Slapshot Academy of Hardcore Warblin’, but maybe deeper and a bit growlier—is a bit grating and detracts from the band’s potential power, although I gotta say the live cuts are pretty strong. I was gonna crack wise on the silliness of releasing a “discography” when the band has been active a mere three years at best and have a grand total of two seven-inchers, but, if they can manage to scrape up nineteen tracks that clock in at a total of twenty-eight minutes, they’re entitled, I reckon.

 –jimmy (Grave Mistake)

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