80’S GIRL: Demo: CD-R

Jun 15, 2007

If you go to shows frequently enough, you meet people. You become friendly from the frequent interaction and conversations happen. One guy in particular, I meet from common friends and he tells me he has a band. So I get kicked down a demo from a guy who is genuinely nice. It’s a two-piece combo that consists of guitar and drums and two guys named Ryan. While I am four beers in listening to this, I am trying to get that thought off the tip of my tongue of what this sounds like to me. It sounds like the live 7 Seconds tracks from the We Got Power comp mixed with early Circle One and possibly another early ‘80s band like Disability. Boombox recording makes this even more appealing when they go from mid-tempo to almost thrash. ‘80s is definitely where these guys have pulled from.

 –don (80’s Girl)