800 OCTANE: Rise Again: CD

Jan 31, 2008

Is “Never Sleep Again” seriously about Freddy Vs. Jason? I mean, I like horror as much as the next guy. Okay, I probably like it a bit more than the next guy. But a song about that movie? It became a pivotal point of the album. Up until that point I thought it was pretty uninspired rock blah. Then I thought the song was about Jason, and was intrigued. Then I figured out the truth, that it was a Freddy Vs. Jason tribute song. So, then I decided that they had to be a joke band, since no one would seriously write a Freddy Vs. Jason song, and the next two songs were much more enjoyable. Then they surpass themselves and go to unbearably played-out phrases, chords, and lyrical patterns on the last song.

 –megan (New School)

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