6MAS: Rape the Earth: LP

May 27, 2011

This is a surprisingly well produced crust record with overtly “punk” (there is a song called “Fuck Punk Superstars” as well as “Emo Sucks” and “Arse Climbers”) and political lyrics that I assume lose a little in the English translation. The bulk of this album is played at a breakneck speed and the band hold their own with the more famous European crust imports, but I imagine that since this band is from the Czech Republic, they probably don’t get the accolades that their Western European peers do. However, 6Mas are more than competent at their style and would be right at home on Profane Existence or a similar label. They remind me a lot of the more metal-inspired crust bands like Extinction Of Mankind, but there are a lot of weird chord phrasings that pull easy comparisons to End Of All or Wolfbrigade. Very solid release for the style, but unfortunately, probably very hard to come by in the U.S. For fans of obscure crust, it’s definitely worth sifting through more internationally minded distros for this release, or trying to get in touch with one of the seven Czech labels that helped put this out

 –Ian Wise (co-release, bandzone.cz.6mas)