6MAS: Rape the Earth: LP

Mar 27, 2012

Making blanket statements without backing them up makes the speaker sound ignorant. Double for making such on a recording or in print, because then you can’t blab your way out of it. I’m quite guilty of it myself. I’m even guilty of doing it in these pages. So with benefit of hindsight, let’s say that you’re 6mas and you wrote a song called “Emo Sucks,” which makes assumptions about the entire breadth and history of anything that’s ever been tagged emo. That makes the 6mas sound uninformed, naïve, and petty. Now don’t get me wrong, I really don’t give a fuck what 6mas or anybody else thinks about emo. But next time, it might be a good idea for 6mas to write a song called “Generally Speaking, Emo Sucks” or “From My Experience So Far, Emo Isn’t Really My Thing.” For instance, what if I said, “generally speaking, crust sucks because ninety percent of it sounds exactly like 6mas, in other words, dudes growling and using rape as a metaphor for environmental destruction over guitars that go ‘banana banana banana’’? This makes an educated statement, to crust fans and haters alike, that crust usually sucks, for the aforementioned reason and that 6mas is part of the problem. In the meantime, hope springs eternal.

 –Craven (GRF, grfrecords.estranky.cz)

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