5th Inning, The: By E. Ethelbert Miller, 163 pgs. By Steve Hart

Jul 21, 2011

In the game of baseball, once five innings are completed, the game is considered an official game. E. Ethelbert Miller uses this as a metaphor for his life, where he finds himself somewhere in the sixth inning, knowing that he has now completed an “official life.” I spent four mornings reading this book, watching the sun come up through the trees by my house, and while I don’t think that at forty-two years old that I have completed my five innings yet, I couldn’t help but take stock of my own life. I thought of my own relationships with my family. To be honest, this book just struck me to the bone. Beautifully written, every sentence is extremely well-crafted and labored over. Each sentence is another peek into the man’s heart. Although The 5th Inning can sometimes be overbearingly sad, it’s never depressing. There is a joy expressed and it is often uplifting. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to everyone. So far, this is the best book I’ve read this year -PM Press,

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