59 TIMES THE PAIN: Calling the Public: CD

Sep 18, 2001

Once I popped this thing in my player, I had a assumption that it was going to sound different than what came out of the speakers. I remember them being more hardcore. I have other stuff from this band but I don’t listen to it that often. I knew it was good enough to keep though. Without referencing all the previous material that I own, I will start from scratch. This band from Sweden play a ‘77 style of punk that reminded me of parts of the Clash mixed with the Cockney Rejects. As they age they are displaying their heritage on their shoulders. Well recorded and definitely powerful even though the songs are different than what I remembered. As in most cases, they too are a great Swedish band that sounds great and puts out a great product. I’ll raise a beer to this.

 –don (Epitaph/Burning Heart)