59 TIMES THE PAIN: Calling the Public: CD

Sep 09, 2009

Let’s start with the lyrics to the first song, “Rock the City.” “Show me positive signs around the world/ Good injections and intentions all around the world/ Rock the city/ Create the backbeat of today/ Take the alternative way.” This is the chorus of the song which is sung over and over and over. If that isn’t bad enough, the music is bland, dull, over produced, radio friendly rock shite. The band heard The Clash once and decided to jump on the current bandwagon of bands trying to update that sound (some doing it well), but someone in the band heard Starships’ “We Built This City” too. So you get a lot of cheesy repetitiveness, which I think they are considering to be anthems of some sort, but instead come across as gay sing-a-longs. Stay away from this at all cost. This is the kind of band I would heckle and throw shit at until they got off the stage or I got in a fight with them. You know, the bad band that opens up for the good band you are going to see due to someone’s lame idea at their record company. The kind of band you want to beat out part of the admission price from for making you listen to their shit. Now that I think about it, let me know when they come to Atlanta.

 –toby (Burning Heart)