5¢ DEPOSIT: We Have Your Daughter!: CD

Jul 17, 2009

I picture how I would buy this album. I go to see a bigger band at a club and these guys are opening. Being the type of guy who likes to dance and have fun at shows, I maybe watch close for a few songs and get into it during the faster stuff. I buy the CD, only to remember that live music is almost always faster and crazier than its recorded counterpart. I listen to this once, then a second time just to make sure. It then lives on my shelf, which is to say I don't pull it out to listen to it, but I don't get rid of it either. Invariably, my cousin or the little sister of a girl I am dating starts getting into punk via TRL bands, and so I make her a tape of this to show that there are better bands than Sum 41, but I also don't want to scare the kid off at first. In terms of my actual listening experience with this, I put it on, nit picked the hell out of the first few songs because it is in league with, if not better than the sophomoric pop punk I see too much of. I then get distracted and find myself enjoying it as background music. I don't know if that's a compliment because I enjoyed it or an insult because it was background music, but that's where I stand. To put it another way – pop punk that would stand out at the Warped tour and be held in regard at a frat kegger.

 –rich (Radical)